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Remy Human Hair

Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire

The cost of hair can vary from £12 to over £200, depending on the source and the quality. You may have noticed that, no matter what the price, all packaging states "HUMAN HAIR". This may be true, but bear in mind that there is a lot of poor quality hair on the market.

The main types of hair used in hair extensions

Remy Human Hair – this is hair that is kept in the same direction as it is when it grows from the scalp. All cuticles are running in the same direction with Remy hair so that the hair does not knot, matt or tangle any more than your own hair.

Non Remy Human Hair – this is hair that is processed without taking care that the cuticles all stay in the same direction, so some hair is upside-down. Because not all cuticles run in the same direction, the result is that when they touch knotting, matting and tangling occur very easily

Human Hair – this is hair that is gathered from various different places such as brushes, combs, and hairdressers floors. The hair is all mixed up, stripped of its cuticles and processed. When this is done it instantly makes the hair a poor quality. It is then bagged up and sold rather cheaply. The hair will look fantastic initially, but with a bit of wear, washing and styling it will look knotty, broken, dull and thin.

Virgin Hair – this is hair that is natural and untreated that has been cut straight from someone's head and sold as it is.

At Extra Length, we use only Virgin Remy Human Hair of the highest quality.

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We only sell natural dark weft hair

Prices for AAAAAA Double-Drawn Hair

  • 100g 16 inch: £90
  • 100g 18 inch: £105
  • 100g 20 inch: £115
  • 100g 22 inch: £125
  • 100g 24 inch: £135

Freestyle Lace Closures

  • 12 inch: AAAAAA Grade: £35
  • 14 inch: AAAAAA Grade: £40
  • 16 inch: AAAAAA Grade: £45
  • 18 inch: AAAAAA Grade: £50
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